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Amani Friend of Desert Dwellers


Amani Friend is a trailblazing music producer of electronica, dub, world fusion, and dance music having spent the past 25 years exploring the alchemy of these diverse genres. As a core creative driving force and founder of the Desert Dwellers, Liquid Bloom, and Variant Field projects, Amani tastefully weaves soundscapes that immerse the listener in a journey of otherworldly sonic dimensions. He has produced a prolific catalog of albums for numerous labels, remixed some of the biggest names in the electronic downtempo and yoga scenes, and played at some of the most prominent festivals around the world along with his main music partner Treavor Moontribe, including the Great Convergence at the Pyramids in Egypt, the Solar Eclipse in Australia, Boom festival in Portugal, and a 7 week tour with Simon Posford of Shpongle, to name a few key highlights. He returns to the states this summer having just spent time touring in Australia, New Zealand, Cost Rica, and Bali; and with new album releases from Desert Dwellers and Liquid Bloom.

Amani Friend’s artistic vision spans the fields of music composition, sound design, graphic design, & visionary artwork … all rooted in world travel, ancient cultures, consciousness exploration, and the mastery of modern tools for artistic expression. At a young age Amani traveled the world extensively with his parents as they explored ancient civilizations. These early experiences created an innate understanding of the diversity of the world and the common threads that bridge us between the ancient and the future.

Amani has been participating in the electronic music movement since the early ‘90s, and has been consistently dedicated to bringing traditional forms of creative expression into the expansive field of possibilities found in modern technology. This vision of a unified field of artistic expression led to the formation of Global Dragon in 1998, a multi-media hub for creative and conscious design.  

As a visual artist, Amani’s roots formed out of the expansive realms of electronic music flyers and posters which he first began designing in 1997. Over the years that followed, Global Dragon captured a unique iconographic style that transcended time while remaining grounded and accessible. Amani’s authenticity and vision comes from the vast personal experiences in the psychedelic realms of the mind … explored and shared with the collective fellowship found in the global dance culture.

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